Hello Again Lovlies!

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Hey guys, sorry its taken me so long to post this. My computer has been acting even weirder than usual, so I am doing this from my mobile. Hopefully I can get my new one ordered soon!

Since my computer is not working correctly at the present time, I have no made anything for the site. I suck, I know. But I plan to spend all my free time (what little there is) after I get my new one, turning stuff out.

On a more personal note, I am hoping to soon get my own place. *crosses fingers* I have been wanting to do this for awhile, but just haven’t had the funds. I currently work for my dad’s BBQ business. However, thanks to my grandmother, he now knows just how much I hate working there. It was not my intention for him to find out like he did, but my family is pretty well known for its big mouths.

So, yeah. Life has been crazy here on my end. I will hopefully be getting some content out to you soon. But in the meantime, go check out my hosts website hollow-girl.com. Shanelle has so much amazing stuff, and her new layout is on point!

Lots of Love,
Destiny <3

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